The Birdie Boutique

The Birdie Boutique Inc, was established in 1992. It began small , with only a few baby cockatiels and a limited amount of supplies. The popularity of pet birds increased dramatically within a short time, and The Birdie Boutique (TBB) fledged into a successful shop with dozens of pet bird species, and thousands of products.

Dr. B and his wife raised baby birds with love and affection, and with the best quality care. This was accomplished only with the help of an excellent selection of high quality bird care products. Although TBB no longer sells birds, they still have the largest selection of specialty bird care supplies. Dr B believes and teaches that balanced complete diet, appropriate cage, proper perches, and good husbandry are key to maintaining a healthy bird. That is why he approves all of the products sold at


American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, Certified in Avian Practice Since 2002


Active member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians since 1989


American Federation of Aviculture, Board of Directors, and Active Corporate member.


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